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Science Fair & Exhibition

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The time has come for Webster’s Annual Science Fair and Exhibition! It will take place February 8-10, 2023. It is open to all students in the Webster community. As it is every year, the theme is understanding the science behind your project. In other words, why does your project work the way it does?

The Science Fair is a judged competition. All entries are judged by the same basic criteria, but the criteria are weighted differently according to the developmental level of the student. Part of the evaluation process is an interview conducted by a judge.

The Science Exhibition is a non-judged, non-competitive exposition. These entries are not judged, but students are offered the opportunity to discuss their projects one-on-one with an interviewer, if desired.

Students may enter either the Science Fair or the Science Exhibition and may choose to work alone or with one partner. There are strict size parameters and rules about glass and liquids, so please read the  Project Display Guide carefully.

The Resource Guide is a valuable reference for determining what area of the Science Fair and Exhibition to enter. It also provides detailed guidelines for each type of project. Please review this document before submitting your Participation Form. It is available on the Webster Elementary website, under PTA → Science Fair & Exhibition.

Parents are encouraged to help their children through their projects but should keep in mind that a successful project is one in which it is clear that the child led the project, and in doing so, developed a broad base of knowledge on the subject.

FInally, if there are any questions, concerns or comments, feel free to contact We are all looking forward to another year of boundless enthusiasm and terrific projects!

Webster PTA and Science Fair Team


Participation Forms Due: December 16, 2022

Drop Off Completed Projects: Preferred- Wednesday, February 8 from 3:30-5:30 pm OR Thursday, February 9 from 7:30-8:00 am (if your student needs help, please park and walk up with them)

Science Fair Project Judging & Science Exhibition Project Presentation: Thursday, February 9 (during school)

Family Open House: Thursday, February 9 from 6:00-7:30 pm

Class Visits to Science Fair: Friday, February 10 (during school)

Pick Up Projects: Friday, February 10 from 3:00-4:00 pm (if your student needs help, you may park your car after 3:15 to assist them)

2023 Science Fair Handout 

2023 Science Fair Online Participation Form

2023 Science Fair Resource Guide

2023 Science Fair Project Guidelines  (also included in Resource Guide above)

Example of Judging Sheet

Volunteers and Judges Needed!

We are currently recruiting judges for this year's Science Fair! If you work or have a degree in a STEM field and would be interested in volunteering your time as a judge on Thursday, February 9, 2023, please email us at Thank you!

Parent volunteers are needed to help plan, organize, and help the event run smoothly. If you're interested in helping plan and organize the event, please email us at A SignUp Genius will be available closer to the event for parents to sign up to help during the event.