Weekly Newsletter

Mr. Pascoe’s Room 18 Weekly Newsletter

Week of 1/22 – 1/26


  • Webster Science Fair: The science fair is a requirement here at Webster for family 2 students. Commitment forms were due last Friday. Please submit as soon as possible if you have yet to do so. Thank you! If you have any specific questions regarding the project along the way, the science fair team’s email is Webstersciencefairexpo@gmail.com
  • Scholastic Book Orders for January: Due Friday, 1/26 if interested.

    Online Order Code: PFQJ8

  • Winter iReady Testing: I have received notice that the testing window for iReady has been pushed back to the end of the month, beginning on 1/29. Therefore we will not begin these tests until that time.

Upcoming Events:

  • Family 2 Service Learning Projects: due February 16th
  • Healthy Kids Club for family 2: Thursday, January 25th

Fourth Grade Math: This week in fourth grade math, we will spend Monday going over the unit 4 review that students received today along with any other questions students may have regarding the test material. Students will take the unit 4 assessment on Tuesday and the unit 4 cumulative assessment on Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday we will look to move on to unit 5. Students will receive new journals and homelink booklets and we will discuss decomposing fractions and fractional parts of a whole during the first two lessons of the unit.

Reading Workshop: This coming week we will continue our reading unit entitled: “Interpretive and Analytic Reading.” We will discuss revising our ideas as stories develop, comparing text with similar themes, and making theories about themes from the start of our stories. We will have several different read alouds and will also have independent reading/work time as time permits.

Writing Workshop: This coming week we will also look to continue our new writing unit entitled: “Literary Essay.” This week we will continue examining short stories for themes and will work to provide evidence to support our ideas from the text. We will discuss adding conclusions that reflect on what we have written and by the end of the week we will look to choose one story and idea to move forward with and publish into a completed literary essay.

Science: This coming week in science we will be measuring the volume of water in its solid and liquid state and comparing and contrasting the states of matter. We will complete these activities in our science journals and through experimental activities.

Social Studies: In social studies, we will be continuing our study of the Southeast by examining the culture of the region. This will be the final topic of study of the region before we move on to begin preparing for our Southeast region test.

Word Study: Students have taken their word study tests today and will receive their graded tests by the end of the day. On Monday students will receive new word sort for the next two school weeks.

Morning Work: Morning work will include handwriting, logic activities, and word study practice.

We look forward to a great week at Webster!