Weekly Newsletter

Mr. Pascoe’s Room 18 Weekly Newsletter

Week of 4/23 – 4/27


  • M-Step Testing: We will be M-Step testing for both third and fourth grade May 15, 16, and 17, with make-up testing times available throughout the following week. We will be doing some test practice in the weeks to come. During the testing time we also request that students who have their own headphones/earbuds for listening bring them in if possible to use while testing as each class will be sharing the headphones.
  • Scholastic Book Orders for the month of April will be due Monday, 4/23 if interested. The online order code for our class is PFQJ8.

    Upcoming Events:

  • Biographies: As we wrap up our book clubs in reading workshop, we will be moving into a biography unit of study in family 2 next week. We wanted to give a notice to students and parents that students will be completing a biography project about an important person in the coming weeks (information letter going home today). Now is a great time for students to begin thinking about and having possible discussions with their parents over who they may want to choose for the upcoming project! A list of three or four ideas to bring on Monday would be great!

Fourth Grade Math: This coming week we will be looking to finish unit 7. We will discuss and practice generating patterns in rectangular numbers, multistep number stories with fractions, and converting between fractions and decimals to solve number stories. Students can expect a nightly homelink page to practice after each lesson. We will not have a test this week, but will look to review and test the week after (week of 4/30-5/4).

Reading Workshop: Now that our adventure/survival book club unit is complete, we will be turning our focus towards biographies. A note is going home today that highlights the requirements of the biography at-home project that culminates in a wax museum learning fair. In class, we will be preparing for this project by selecting a variety of biographies for our selected person to read and study. This coming week, we will discuss how to gather resources for this person, and will also research the time period they were born, the hobbies they had as a child, and will research discoveries/contributions their person had/has made to the world. Students will find this advanced research for their person beneficial as they look to complete their projects at home in the coming weeks.

Writing Workshop: This coming week in writing workshop, we will continue our informational writing unit that relates to our study of America’s regions. We will draft the land and natural resources sections of our brochures this coming week. By the end of the week, we hope to have each section of our brochures drafted. We will complete this drafting in our writer’s notebooks.

Science: This coming week we will look to continue our science unit entitled “Energy Transfer.” We will be experimenting to find what materials serve as good conductors of materials and which materials are insulators. We hope to begin designing a switch to model an open and closed circuit later in the week as well. We will complete these activities in our science journals.

Social Studies: In social studies, we will be doing a brief western state project using Google slides. I would like students to gain experience using Google slides to craft a presentation and we will spend a few class periods working with partners to create a short presentation on a state in the west of the students’ choosing. This is a minor project that will be done only in social studies time. Students are not expected or required to work on any portions of it outside of social studies class time.

Word Study: We will be taking a break from word study this coming week to complete activities for other subject areas. We hope to resume word study in the near future.

Morning Work: Morning work will include handwriting, logic activities, and writing practice.

We look forward to a great week at Webster!