Macek 6th Grade EDM
Our math class meets five days a week after lunch from 12:20-1:20.  It is expected that students will come prepared each day with the following materials: EDM journal, Home Link book, geometry template, calculator and pencil.  Mrs. Rootare and I teach 6th grade EDM and share a set of SRB's (Student Reference Books).  Students may check a book out with me if they want to borrow for the night.  Students will also have access to online materials which includes the SRB.  Most days students will be given time to work on assignments in class so I can monitor progress and help as needed.  If students are able to finish their journal pages in class, they may start working on Home Links at school. 

I will be using this page to record Math assignments each day.  After each unit, I will clear the older ones and continue so they don't over accumulate on this page.  Please remember you can email me if you have any questions or concerns. 

4/22-Today we started our new unit (Unit 7) which deals with algebra and algebraic equations.  We worked today on writing and interpreting inequalities and then graphing them.  Students were assigned journal pages 305-308 and HL 7.1 due tomorrow, 4/23.

4/23-Today we did Lesson 7. 2 and students were assigned journal pages 309-311 and HL 7.2 due tomorrow, 4/24.

4/24-We did Lesson 7.3 today and students were assigned journal pages 314-317 and HL 7.3 due tomorrow, 4/25.

4/25-Lesson 7.4 and students were assigned journal pages 317-318, 320 and HL 7.4 due on Monday, 4/29.

4/29-We worked on Lesson 7.5 and students were assigned journal pages 322-325 and HL 7.5 due tomorrow, 4/30.

4/30-Students took a problem solving post assessment that is a part of our school improvement plan.  No homework was assigned.  We will resume math lesson on Monday, 5/6 due to our 6th grade camp trip.  

5/6-Today we did Lesson 7.6 and students were assigned journal pages 326-328 and HL 7.6 due tomorrow, 5/7.

5/7-We canceled math today due to needing additional time for the 6th grade MStep.  This also means our Unit 7 test will not be given until Tuesday, May 14th.

5/8-Lesson 7.8 today (we skipped 7.7) and students were assigned journal pages 330-333 and HL 7.8 due tomorrow, 5/9.