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Students will leave our school empowered to think clearly, care deeply, and act wisely.

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Welcome to my home page!  I am really excited about the 2017-18 school year.  I hope you will find this resource to be useful!  If you need to contact me via email I can be reached at  I check my email every day!

I have been teaching in Livonia Public Schools for 23 years, all of which have been at Webster.  I love teaching Family Three students.  I believe we are a team when it comes to your child.  Please do not ever hesitate to contact me if you should have any concerns or questions!

My daughter Alyssa just started high school and is a freshman at Churchill.  My son Sean is in 5th grade in the ASD program (Autism) here at Webster with Mrs. Anglin!  I am sad for the summer to end as I enjoyed all our moments together this summer, but I am also eager for them to move on as they continue to grow in their learning.

My husband was busy this summer with not only taking care of our home but others as well.  He owns his own landscaping/lawn maintenance business and even though there were weeks he did not do lawns due to lack of rain or too much of it, he was able to stay busy with the many landscaping jobs.  I am still waiting on a few at our own house which tends to always be the case!

This summer was filled with so many fun times with my family!   Our summer began with a week long trip to Harrisville off of Lake Huron with my family, my brother, his wife and my parents (this is a trip we take every year).  We had beautiful weather and enjoyed many gorgeous sunrises.  My brother and I took my dad and daughter to Indiana.  There we went to Indianapolis and Fort Wayne to see two minor league baseball games.  Alyssa got two baseballs that were hit into the stands during an impromptu batting practice while we toured the stadium.  There were trips to the Detroit Zoo, Belle Isle,  Greenfield Village, Tiger games, etc.  I bowled this summer (team finished in 7th place) and I spent several evenings listening to music from my past as I enjoyed some concerts at DTE, The Palace and Ford Field.  I started running in September, 2016 and have done over 20 races so far.  My 24th race will be my first half marathon in Detroit (Free Press International). 

There is so much going on in our classroom each day.  Don't forget to check out the newest updated information under "Classroom News."  I will also be using email as a form of communication about classroom activities, holiday parties, field trips, etc.  

Don't forget to check out the "Resources" link for important handouts about our curriculum and current projects.  Also, there is a page for each subject in which I will keep assignments updated.  It is still the expectation that students fill out their planners with assignment information and due dates.

Alyssa, Mr. Macek and Sean at Greenfield Village