Green Schools, Spring 2015

Perennial Party! Our final event of the year allows families to converge on the last Saturday of the school year to help beautify our grounds.

On Saturday, June 6th, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., drop by Webster and bring something to plant. It's like a potluck without the food! Bring a hosta, a daylily, a clump of irises, some milkweed, whatever you have extra of in your yard. We have a native plants garden for black-eyed susans, Joe Pye Weed, and Milkweed. The garden beds along the east and north sides of the school building need low- maintenance hardy perennials.

May 20th was our final hike of the year for Green Club.

Friday, April 24th, was Waste-free lunch. Anyone who made an effort to recycle from their hot lunch tray OR brought reusable containers from home qualified to enter the raffle.

Congratulations to Nandana, Nathan S., Ben S., Chitmaya, and Colette for winning the raffle prizes. Watch for pictures of them with their cute endangered species prizes,  coming soon.

Thanks to Easton and Erik for making the announcement and manning the Green Machine, with help from Logan as well.

Thanks to Ambika, Madhiya, Katie C., Samyutkha, Kiera, and Colette for collecting plastic juice and applesauce containers, and a special thanks to Kara and Marlena for rinsing them tirelessly.  And finally, thanks to Mrs. Novak, Mr. Jones, and Mrs. Hill for another great year of Green Club activities.

The year-end hike is scheduled for

Wednesday, May 20th.

On Monday, April 20th, Green Club went on a hike to toss the native wildflower seed bombs they made last month. Rain and sunlight are the only requirements since the bombs are equipped with compost and seeds!  Each student got to toss five bombs onour walk and bring five home in a bag. We are thrilled to get tobeautify our world together!

On March 30th, Green Club met for a special project! We made "seed bombs." The PTA purchased native Michigan wildflower seeds. Mrs. Lakatos, the art teacher, donated dry clay (it was hardened, so we had to pound it to break it up), and Mrs. Novak brought compost. We mixed 2 parts seeds, 5 parts clay, and 3 parts compost, added enough water to make a workable consistency, and formed penny-sized balls. After letting them dry for 24 hours, now we have about 370 seed bombs!

Science Fair was March 18, 2015, and we had a special "Green" category for the second year in a row. This year, Dr. Serri from Churchill High School selected a Family 3 winner and Mr. Calkins from Frost Middle School selected a winner from the younger grades. Congratulations to Logan F. and Benjamin D. and to all the great entries. Pictured below are the two winners along with some other amazing projects from the Green category.


Friday, February 6th--Today was the "Winter Walk," which gave our Green Club kids a great chance to appreciate the snowy landscape and the observe the changes in the woods  south of the playground.

The PTA Sock Hop was on February 6th. For the third year in a row, Webster Green Club hosted a booth outside of the cookie walk/cake walk. Kids donated towards the endangered animal that they wanted Green Club to adopt. This year, our choices were the False Killer Whale and the Gray Wolf. Green Club made posters and decorated donation boxes for the booth. Here are some pictures of the Green Club at work. Scroll down for an update on which endangered species won!

Congratulations to the Gray Wolf!  $64.65 in donations will support Green Club adopting it. The second place False Killer Whale brought in $33.35, and it's enough that we can adopt both species!  Great job, Webster families and Webster Green Club!


Green Club is participating in Wayne RESA's "My Green School" art contest. Thanks to all the parents who have sent in permission slips for your student's art work to be submitted. Here are some of the proud kids with their art!


Webster's first Waste-Free Lunch was on December 12th!  Students went green by bringing lunches made up of reusable containers or, in the case of buying lunch,  recycling items on their trays using the Green Machine in the cafeteria.

By practicing conservation, we are reducing natural resource consumption and reducing waste in landfills.  We can each do our part.  Need some suggestions for a waste-free lunch?  Try reusable water containers and washable plastic ware instead of single-use items.

Being green can also mean eating healthier, too.  The best snacks are made up of whole foods like fresh fruit, which can be composted at school. 

Waste-Free lunch is a great way for Webster students to practice the four important Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Special thanks to Family 3 Green School helpers--Marlena, Julia, Colette, Anna, and Kara. Also to parent advisors Mr. Jones, and Mrs. Hill and lunch supervisor Mrs. Connolly and custodian Aaron!

December 9th, Green Club members from Family 1 and Family 3 went on a "Litter Hike." Kids got 5 points for each item they picked up and 10 for if they found a piece of paper of pencil (just to keep it interesting!). Congratulations to Amala and her helper for racking up over a hundred points!


November 7th Green Club had a chilly but sunny day for our Fall Raking activity.  The kids bundled up and got busy raking, then took their leaves all the way to the woods to pile them up for the animals to use for building winter habitats.

And then later that evening, after Fall Festival, was our first-ever "Spooky Walk." We took EVEN MORE stuff for the wildlife. Straw bales, corn stalks, pumpkins.  The squirrels and birds are going to build some cozy nests.


October 24th, 2014

Webster Green Club entered the Livonia PTSA Fall Beautification Challenge. We made a beautiful display in the front flower bed--check it out next time you're at the school. Thanks to Mrs. Lakatos for letting us participate. Her art classes painted and sealed the stones. We just get to arrange them.  We also picked up litter on the lawn east of the parking lot.

Special thanks to Dylin's dad, Mr. Jones, and his grandma Kathleen as well for helping!

October 22, 2014 Update:

Friday, Green Club finished our "Fall Nature Hike Series." Thanks to Green Club 6th Grade Advisor Kara H. for taking the pictures on the hike!

Here's an update of the display boards:

Some of the students stayed back to make posters for our first-ever Spooky Walk. This is a chance for the kids to help compost the organic decorations in the woods when Fall Festival is over. Parents need to come along for this one.

Then, on Tuesday Oct. 21st, Green Club planted 7 knock-out rose bushes (pink, red, and yellow) and 40 daffodil bulbs. Thanks for all your dedication to making Webster and our world a better place, Green Club!

October 10, 2014 Update:

Today Green Club went on a Fall Nature Hike.  We collected a little litter, and brought back colorful leaves. Here are some pictures of the displays we made, and some of our Green Club students.

As always, Webster Green Schools Team is looking for some volunteers!  We need parents who can take the lead on battery recycling, cell phone and print cartridge recycling, the Green Schools bulletin board, and help with Waste-free lunch and other Green Club activities like gardening and composting.  If you have any interest, please contact Patty Novak (

Thank you for helping Webster qualify as a Michigan Green School—Emerald, the highest status, in May 2014, for the second year in a row!  Please consider joining the Green Schools team.  Contact Patty Novak ( if you’re interested in helping out.

Some of our Fall 2014 projects and activities:
Put up Bird house
Kick-off summer nature hike, picking up litter
Tour an electric car
Design a new lid for the damaged compost bin
Plant strawberry and lettuce plants
Make posters and signs for Waste-free Walkathon (composting apple cores and banana peels, recycling water bottles and posters)
Fall nature hike series, collecting leaves for colorful display