Youth Making a Difference

The Livonia PTSA Council’s “Youth Making a Difference” program is an attempt to involve K to 12 students in volunteerism – reaching out to the elderly, the disadvantaged, anyone who could use assistance.

Students are encouraged to work in groups or individually. They may select any project they wish with the guidance of an adult. This may be a project initiated by a student, a scout or church group, or a teacher in school. The nature, length and difficulty of the project will, of course, depend on the age of the student and the level of commitment desired. Adults should not value-judge any project as unworthy, but encourage projects that are in the true spirit of volunteerism.

Students may select a project that goes for only one day or have their activity be ongoing for the entire year. The most important aspect of the program is to recognize the value of students reaching out. We encourage students to document their project with pictures, scrapbooks, journals, notes, drawings, posters, etc.

We hope that these documents will then be instruments of encouragement to others. Once you have either completed or committed to a project, please fill out the attached form and return it to school by February 17, 2017. Projects are due March 31, 2017.

Participating students will be invited to the Youth Making a Difference Celebration to be held at Franklin High School in April 25, 2017 – more information to come.  The program includes an opportunity to present a display of your project and check out projects performed by other LPS students, acknowledgement of efforts by local dignitaries, entertainment, and cookies and refreshments—all for free! In recent years, the students were treated to a great magic and comedy show or craft activity.

Volunteer Ideas—Or create your own!

Shovel snow for a needy neighbor.
Decorate a nursing home for the holidays.
Recycle bottle/can collections.
Do odd jobs for someone who needs help.
Read to younger kids or senior citizens.
Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or shelter.
Be a parent helper.
Clean school or church grounds.
Establish and fill animal feeding stations this winter.
Help a teacher or other staff members.
Collect food or clothing for a local shelter.
Sing holiday songs to hospital patients, senior citizens or people living in shelters.

Student Responsibilities

  • Choose a volunteer activity that you would like to do or participate in for this program.
  • Fill out your Youth Making a Difference Commitment Form, signed by yourself and your parent/guardian.
  • Turn this in to the school by February 17th.
  • Keep a record of your volunteer activity. It may be pictures, a journal, drawings, a poster, etc.
  • Turn in the record/poster/display of your project to your school if you would like it displayed at the Celebration.

In April, invitations to the celebration event will be sent out via backpack, and a box made available to collect display boards for those who would like to present their projects at the celebration event. All participants will receive a certificate of appreciation after the celebration event. Thank you for making a difference!