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Welcome to Class with Mrs. Rootare! 2018-2019

    Welcome Students! Welcome Parents! It is almost time for our big day, our first day together! So much has been going on that it cannot help but to be a new and exciting school year! Last year we thought getting new desks and flexible seating was a big deal, and it was, but this year, the changes continue in our classroom and way beyond! From the shiny floors throughout the building to the magnificently redone gym, it is pretty cool. I am smiling just thinking about how you will be surprised there, especially! Our room is not entirely done as I would wish, the carpet we now have near the game area is still working to completely be flatten itself out but the windows with new screens are nice to keep any future bees or mosquitoes out. We have a new outside door and will soon have a new classroom door too. One other thing I think you will like is we can dim our lights now. I have enjoyed that feature while working this week to get the class ready for you, I had only the light that I needed so the room did not heat up anymore than it had to while I was there. Something I am sure you will love, is that the drinking fountain outside of the gym is not only chilled, but it is specially made so that you can refill your water bottles there with cold water. We still have the seating options that arrived at Webster last year; namely the new desks, standing desks, wobbly stools, and bouncy ball seats. We have the low to the ground small table too for small group work instead of having to use clipboards. I hope you find the seats and changes listed above will all add to your learning experiences. Soon, we will pick new jobs and have your photos to decorate our room. Lucky, our class turtle will also be joining us again soon. I think classroom #38 (same place, new number) is definitely going to be one of my favorite places. And, I hope you are feeling good and happy when you think of starting the year together. If you are a returning 6th grader, you are the new leaders to help our new students learn the ways we do things. If you are a 5th grader coming to Family Three, you have a number of opportunities to look forward to this year. This is also true if you are one of our two new 6th grade students. I think you will find it is like any start to a new school year, fun with maybe a little nervousness until you come and see how welcoming it can be here (and you will not be the only new student. ) Some of the things that may be new to experience are enrichment choices that were not available to you before, a chance to sign up for a service squad position, and more choices when it comes to class projects.

    Want to know more about being in this class? I can tell you that I love teaching and this is especially true of the 5th and 6th grade levels. We have eleven 6th graders and fifteen 5th grade students. We will have many adventures together in our Super Hero themed classroom with all kinds of learning going on. Family Three will again have two teams of teachers. As you probably know, the other teachers on our team are Mrs. Frame and Mrs. Wahl. The three of us will provide instruction for all of our classes. Mrs. Frame will be teaching social studies, Mrs. Wahl will cover Reading lessons with read aloud and Genius Hour happening in the homerooms. I will be teaching science for the three homerooms. Also, every Family Three teacher will be teaching math so that students can go to the appropriate math class at the same time. One assignment we will be starting soon is a vision board to tell others about the things that matter to you; your family, your hopes and goals, and things that make you excited. These are great for learning about each other and this is where you will use the photo I am asking you all to bring to class

     With the goal of communicating with families more easily via simple emails, I would love it if each new student's family would send me an email with your child's name in the header please and your name (with mom, dad, or both emails).This will allow me to create contact groups to send out reminders, project and test dates, and any other pertinent news that arises. Also, please feel free to email or contact me if you have questions or concerns. I check my email daily. Thanks!

  Daily Work is where I will be posting what was done in class for the things that happen in our homeroom each day. News for our class will be listed under the  Classroom News section of this website. I will be using this method to communicate information about classroom activities, holiday parties, field trips, etc.  Go to Daily Plan & Homework to see what is going on in class, especially the  assignments as they are posted and when they are due. Work is due the following day in class unless indicated otherwise. For now, I have left the work from the end of the year so you can see how things will be posted. Mrs. Frame also has a website for social studies, and Mrs. Wahl will doing this for reading going forward.

        I hope everyone is enjoying these last few days of summer vacation and I look forward to seeing all of you soon!   

Mrs. Lorna Rootare  :-)

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