Intermediate Two


Intermediate 2

Teacher:  Terri Gogola

Intermediate 2 students are 10-13 years of age. Lessons are aligned to the Common Core Standards and include language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.  The students practice everyday skills in the classroom and then transfer their skills into the community. The community outings are called Community Based Instruction (C.B.I.). The students plan a lunch menu, shop for the items, and cook the lunch once a week. After shopping, the students go to a restaurant and order a meal and pay for the meal. The students are placed in small groups when they go out on C.B.I. outings.  Once a month the students go bowling on the "Webster Bowling League."

Our classroom integrates for special activities with Mrs. Rootare's students in "Family 3." The two classes combine classroom parties, field trips, and community service projects.

Many lessons are integrated with technology tools to enhance the student's learning potential. There is a document camera, wireless slate, interactive whiteboard, and two computers (one with touch monitor) with Internet housed in our classroom. The students stay very engaged in the lessons when technology is used.

My mission as a classroom teacher is to keep every student actively engaged in learning at their highest potential. I also teach lessons to reach all of the student's learning needs, as well as their unique learning style.