Primary One



Teacher: Lauren Green


Welcome to Mrs. Green's Primary classroom! Students in this classroom are ages 5-7 with a Moderately Cognitive Impairment (MOCI). During the year, we work on the student's becoming more independent. This means creating opportunities for each student to learn to do developmentally appropriate tasks on their own, such as, washing their hands, putting on their shoes, learning to communicate wants/needs, playing with peers appropriately, etc...

Academics are built into the routine of the day and individualized at centers and circle time to meet each child's individual needs. At this level, we are the "building blocks" so to speak of our children's education. This means, we work on strengthening skills like communication, fine motor, gross motor, actively listening, following directions, social, adaptive, etc... which are needed to effectively complete more academic tasks.

We also participate in special activities like art, music, library, adapted PE, cooking, and Smartboard. Our Smartboard is like a huge touch screen computer that allows the students to access technology easily. If your in the area, stop by and see us in action!