Family Three Curriculum


Fifth & Sixth Grade
Mrs. Jackie Vine Mrs. Terry Macek
Mrs. Lorna Rootare Mrs. Kathy Frame
Mrs. Natalie Wahl

Family Three is composed of students ranging from 9-11 years in age. A Family Three student is considered to be a 5th or 6th grader in the regular classroom.

Family Three consists of four classrooms that are multiage. The four teachers are Mrs. Terry Macek, Ms. Kathy Frame, Mrs. Lorna Rootare, and Mrs. Jackie Vine . These four teachers are part of a four-person team that works and strives to create a curriculum and working environment for the gifted child. We make sure all benchmarks in the Michigan Curriculum and Framework have been met by the time your child has left our school. We work with middle school objectives and add creative spins and twists to satisfy the needs of our gifted students

Our students go beyond lower levels of basic knowledge and comprehension. The students in our program and in our classroom work more at the higher levels of application, analysis, creative thinking and critical thinking.

Choice and differentiation are important to Family Three teachers. We offer many choices for students in our literature and language arts program as well as in other subject areas. We also make a point to use differentiation since children in our program come to us with different backgrounds and foundations in the academic subjects. Some students are at higher levels in math, some are artistic in their presentations, others are natural writers while some may be hands-on learners. With all of these unique qualities each of our students possess, it only makes sense to differentiate and offer choices.

We believe our students need to be challenged. We also believe students need to have fun. Academics and their connection to real life are so valuable and will go with students a long way when they can see these connections. But there also needs to be humor and fun so students will continue to stay engaged in the learning. Family Three offers all of these to our students.

Responsibility is a big part of Family Three. For some it has already been acquired and for others it is a learning process. Our goal is for our students to leave Family Three with a variety of strategies for completing work, turning it in, filling out a “Student Assignment Book,” using time wisely, setting priorities and managing their time. These are all a part of our “Life Long Learning Skills” which will help students be successful as they continue on in their education and in life.

We have a variety of units and topics covered in Family Three over the course of two years:

Social Studies: Election Units, Principals of Democracy, Western Europe, Canada, Latin America, Citizenship and the Common Good, Explorers, Native Americans, Colonial Times, The New Country, Westward Expansion, Current Events.

Science: Forms of Matter, Cells and Heredity, Electricity and Magnetism, Vertebrates and Invertebrates, Environmental Studies, Near Earth and Space,, Human Growth, Forces, Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter, Endangered Species, Sound and Light.

Math: Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Factors, Multiples. Geometry, Probability, Statistics, Data, Mental Math, Math Magazines, Prime and Composite, Pre-Algebra

Language Arts: Journaling, Reader's Response Journal, Vocabulary Enrichment, Grammar, Spelling, Literature Novels relevant to our Social Studies theme, Poetry.